28 February 2017

diffuse lighting pack

Based on the previous pack. Two turbulence filter primitives are paired up with displacement map filter primitives that alters the overall shape. That is blurred after, component transferred and composited with the altered shape. Some gaussian blur and turbulence follows in the chain to smooth out the details and add some dithering, then the result is composited with three flood fills as a gradient map.

Then, a reflection is pulled in from the background image and a dropshadow is added.
Should be quite basic.
Probably another turbulence/dithering could have been added after the diffuse filter primitive, so then one of those could generate some texture and the other handle the low colour depth bending issue.

Also, another case where it was easier to use three flood fills then to generate shades upon the source image, which is always problematic.

Probably that worths more testing.

svg source