repository of custom svg filters

General links:

filters in pack -collection at openclipart
filters in action -collection at openclipart
realism with filters -collection at openclipart

filters at forum -ongoing topic at inkscapecommunity
filters at forum 2 -ongoing topic at inkscapeforum

filtering guide

Thematic collections of filters:

paper and pencil
gradient map
hatching and halftone
halftone screening templates
wood grain
fabric and painting
fire and dust
abstract nonfigurative
soil and vegetation
metal and diffuse
liquid and glass
text effect
realistic rendering using filters

All filter related posts by date:

paper filter pack
pencil filter pack
pen filter pack
fabric filter pack
fabric filter pack 2
plaid filter pack
plaid filter pack 2
camouflage filter pack
Easter egg filter pack
wood grain filter pack
60's threshold filter pack
gradient map filter pack

intarsia design
wood grain filter megapack
psychedelic turbulence filter pack
fur filter pack
duotone base pack
sixties duotone megapack
duotone turbulence base pack
sixties duotone turbulence megapack
inkscape 0.92 about screen
turbulence wrap variations
turbulence in kaleidoscope 1
turbulence in kaleidoscope 2

weathered wood grain pack
chalk pack
paper filter pack 2
gradient map filter pack table (1-16)
gradient map filter pack discrete (1-16)
16 toned hatches filter pack
newsprint filter
newsprint testing
newsprint 2
hatched apple
Christmas plane tree

tones contoured filter pack
colour reduction filter pack
reduction pack 2
posterize pack
wood grain megapack 2
intarsia design 2
glitch art filters
plane remix
random gradient map pack
stone pack
stone megapack
snail shell

blocky pack 1-2-3
blackboard pack
chalk pack 2
chalk drawing
stone pack (granite)
nonfigurative blocks
stone pack 1
stone pack 2
stone pack 3
stone pack 4
stone pack 5
bird sculpture

sky clouds pack
clouds filter pack
fire pack
basic dithering pack
turbulence displacement
heart of winter
inkscape 0.92 filter presets
overlay pack
heart prism
glow pack
simple bump (tutorial)
dragon (filter in action)

donut pack
diffuse pack
donut pack 2
stone pack 6
grungy metal pack
glitch pack
Easter egg pack 2
crystal heart 2
psychedelic bunny animation
tv screen noise animation
endless knot animation

city skyline
animated waves 1 -frog-
animated waves 2 -crane-
animated waves 3 -halftone-
animated gas pack
animated distortion pack
lightning pack (animated)
diffuse pack
watercolour pack
paint filter pack
worn paint pack

textured leaf
water faucet (animated)
glossy metal texture pack
waving blue orb
3D metal lettering
watercolour transparency
organic pack
houndstooth pattern
watercolour drops pack
halftone template

wavy, sayagata, wave and dot, cross halftones
chalk lettering

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