23 September 2017

diffuse filter pack

It has long bugging me how to achieve a 3D  shading that doesn't look too sterile with filters. Two years ago made a pack where four diffuse filter primitives were composited, with each having a different light source direction set. The result was hardly predictable of the used colours, also back then I didn't use the colormatrix primitive to generate the bumpmap for the diffuse input.
Hence it could take a facelift.

This time though, took a different route. One diffuse primitive was used for the fill and compositing tricks were added in for a 4 colour colormap effect -sort of. Somehow with the fancy bend modes rigged in, the result isn't so predictable either.
Some more flood fills were added to enhance the highlights and contours.

Not perfect, but a good start to make some cromaflair effects.

svg source