18 October 2017

metal gloss textures

This one goes back almost to the beginning of this blog. At the time, Esper made a tutorial with gimp on a gold foil texture, and I thought this should be also doable with inkscape. Went a bit different direction, and made my first filter packs with the "classic" 4×4 format. Haven't shared them here before since I didn't find them organised or top notch quality.
Filters in these two packs have a varied flood colour input and different turbulence settings -issues amongst others, is that it is less straightforward than those after; it was a turning point. Currently gave the gold foil idea another go. Sharing the old ones as well this time. Guess I have to include everything related to the filtering tematics, otherwise the better ones wouldn't stick out. Also, this update is where I'll start the metallic collection at openclipart. (The thumbnail look off on the new 3 since openclipart haven't updated to using inkscape 0.92.)

svg source 1
svg source 2

svg source 3
svg source 4
svg source 5