3 December 2016

gradient map filter pack -table-

Revisiting the old idea again.
Took quite a while to rig this one.
The chain links between the filter primitives appears as an artistical image or an electrician plan to build a radio.

Takes advantage of the component transfer filter primitive's table input mode.
If you apply it on a raster image you can fine tune it by the slider for the component transfer right after the second colormatrix filter primitive.

All in all this filter pack is improved on its background.

Each square is filled with the same black to white linear gradient. Colours appear because flood fills are mapped over the source's lightness scale.
Each of the filters in thepack has the "gradient steps" distributed evenly, and their number goes from 1 to 16 in the pack.

Colours being used are inkscape's built in echo icon theme palette swatch.

svg source