2 December 2016

paper filter pack 2

Another paper filter pack. This time testing out different compositing modes.

Basically turbulence filter primitives are used to generate a pattern, which is composited with a darker tone of the original object onto the source.
On every filter in this pack the turbulence settings and the chain links are the same on the texture part, the only difference is how the darker tone is composited.

So testing.

Not really satisfied with it, as the effect is inconsistent on light tones/saturated midtones/desaturated midtones/dark tones.

How can it be corrected?
This filter uses the source fill, so maybe generating the darker tone AND a lighter tone could work.

Or using flood colours to generate fills for each tone.
Which then, would be unlinked to the source image and would need compositing the image's shades over.

Question is, which is the better approach to work with texture generating filters.
Applying the texture to any base source, or overlaying the original fills over a generated texture.

In the previous stamper testing the shading was put atop the texture as it seemed a bit more convenient, like, "why to filter a wood texture on a highlight?".

svg source