12 February 2017

heart of winter

At openclipart saw a trace of a pixabay image showing mountains and mist all recreated by flat objects. Probably it was made by tiled cloning. Mist shouldn't take much effort to be drawn with filtering, let's give it a go!

First, traced the shape's edges on the mountains and later used them for clipping filtered objects. This way, everything could become crisp and clean.
Maybe a bit too clean, a displacement mapping could be added here and there for more details on those edges?

Was good for a start.

Then, saw a random challenge of winter illustrations and though this image could be spiced up a bit more. Let's draw a crystal heart in the middle of the image!

With the previous glass packs I already did something similar.
This time the background was pulled in with the image filter primitive.

Unlike how easy it is to generate a Voronoi triangulation with inkscape, handling the anti-aliasing gap issue on it is a real challenge. Added new nodes to the triangles and snapped them to the neighboring triangle centroids for an overlap. However that doesn't produce a fluent result on the triangle corners or thin triangles, had to go on with it this time.

The heavy filtering also uses alot of component transferring on the alpha values so openclipart won't produce a proper thumbnail, so hesitating whether to share the svg source for the crystal heart piece.

svg source
image source