15 February 2017

inkscape filter presets

Out of curiosity.

Never have used any of them since getting into rigging custom filters.

Hardly used them before. There was a point when I opened some of them in the filter editor to see the rigging order but it didn't help much with learning, just fiddling with each primitive's settings.
Before that it was all random try and error.
For example on this image I used both custom and preset filters.

A pile of random mess you can hardly track which one would fit your design goal, since there is no preview and the naming doesn't tell.
No way to predict more custom filters added on the same object would look like either.

And in general, now that tried out all of the 292 built in filters I think they could be refreshed as well as the whole filter editor and the use concept.
The latest idea presented in the (to be abandoned) wiki is here, dating back to 2012.

While blender has a node editor for shaders and procedural textures for a very long time.

Actual images:
Dividing the filters by the menu groups and by four, there are 73 images in total. Initial svg from the squares compiled is 1200 px / 87600 px.

Instead posting them one by one, sharing a collection of them, available here.

Svg source for the second arrangement is available here.