9 July 2017

filter editor 2

If you click ”New”, a box appears before the filter's name 
and a number after it, below the #. 
The latter number shows how many objects 
have that filter applied.
The checkbox is where you can 
switch on and off a filter for a selected object.

Some important notes:
· a filter definition can be empty, meaning if you apply it 
  to your selected object it will be rendered invisible 
  -as shown in the example.
· you cannot add more than one filter to the same object.
That is a real bummer, you cannot stitch two filters together 
with the editor at the moment.
Only workaround is to group the filtered object, 
so then you can add another filter to the group.

(And with groups there comes the possibility of 
messing up transformations.)

svg source

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