9 July 2017

filter editor 1

When creating a custom filter from scratch
most part of the filter editor is greyed out, 
only the ”New” button is active. 
It is placed at the bottom of a column which 
starts with filter and #.
This section of the panel enlists all the filter definitions 
embedded into the document. 
Similar in nature to gradients or 
custom markers, dasharrays etc.

If a built-in filter was applied, it will show up here. 
Using gaussian blurs by the fill&stroke panel's slider and 
different blending modes are supposed to appear 
right after they are created here as well. 
However there seems to be some regression 
compared to 0.48 on this behave (on 0.92).

Filter defs are listed in their creating order. 
You can rename, delete and duplicate them, 
but drag&drop is not working for reorganising.

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