5 July 2017

built in filters 3

Let's head to the filter editor.*
As of 0.92.1, the interface is being in development,
meaning part of this guide will be outdated shortly. 
Therefore focusing on structural concepts more,
in the hope to push through a few ideas.

If the faucet with the previous Eroded Metal filter is selected
and the filter editor is opened, you can see -or at least, 
supposed to see- the structural elements
that are chained up, resulting the affected look on screen.
The core of the editor is node-based, albeit
it doesn't stick out at first glance.
It's hard to track such a filter's structure like the Eroded Metal,
which is the main reason for the need of a facelift.

Some general notes:
· it is more useful to have this panel undocked and
· there is no preview inside of any kind.

Every time you tweak a filter's settings,
you have to keep an eye on the main window too.

*There is no default key shortcut set for it;
it's available from the Filters menu on top.

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